Our Financial Planning Services


Our job is to pay attention to the details.

The goal is to get things right, not simply to get things done.

There’s no preset formula to determine the best financial way forward. Finding the right path takes precise measurements to ensure a desired outcome. We offer personalized advice based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, age and life stage. We will develop strategies or investments that we believe are best suited to reaching your goals with an objective approach towards getting it right, not just getting it done.

Our Services Include:

Investment Management

At Arbor Private Wealth, your investment portfolio is purposefully managed to meet you where you are.  Whether you are investing for a secure retirement many years away or currently funding a lifestyle with accumulated investments, we will attempt to tailor a portfolio mix that provides meaningful return without undue risk.  And we will keep you informed along the way so you can stay on top of your investment performance and know that your investment accounts work in concert with your family’s most valued priorities.  We are fiduciaries who work in the context of a meaningful relationship between advisor and client.

Financial Planning

Your lifestyle doesn’t stand still and your financial plan shouldn’t either.  At Arbor Private Wealth, your financial plan is a living document.  Your investment account values and allocations update periodically and automatically, even accounts that are held away such as 401Ks or bank accounts.  Clients are empowered to interact with financial planning scenarios that help them make their family’s highest priority decisions, and we are there each step of the way.  How does retiring two years early impact my financial situation?  What is the best time to convert my IRA to a ROTH IRA?  What is the most tax efficient way to fund a child’s college savings plan or to make a charitable donation?  What is the best way to handle my executive stock options?  Your financial plan changes and grows with you and is the foundation for a successful investment strategy.

Institutional Services

Organizations need investment advice too.  If you are a business owner or a board member of a non-profit, then we’d like to talk to you.  At Arbor Private Wealth, we help 401K plan sponsors manage their retirement plans and we help non-profit trustees manage their investment accounts.